Grow in Virtue: 
There’s a common saying “virtue lies in the middle” meaning that a virtuous life is balanced in all areas. While all the virtues help us to stay centered, the virtues related to temperance aid us in a particular way. This week we will be focusing on the virtue of moderation. Moderation is the attention to balance in your life; that is, to not be excessive on either side of the spectrum and to set healthy limits for yourself. St. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians says…

“All things are lawful for me,” but not all things are helpful (1 Corinthians 6:12).

When you find yourself in the mood to spend another hour passively watching Netflix or playing games, find something else that can uplift and inspire you.  

Mind and Heart:   
To help you balance your endless entertainment options, try browsing We aim to educate your mind as well as nurture your heart. This week as we discuss the virtue of moderation, we recommend watching Formation Through the Media vs Formation through the Virtues featuring Teresa Tomeo.  

Spanish virtue chart pack

What’s New:
In response to numerous requests, we now have Spanish editions of the Educator’s Guide and the Virtue Chart Pack! The Spanish Educator’s Guide, Guía Para Educadores para vivir una vida virtuosa, allows one to dive deeper into living a virtuous life and is an essential guide for everyone. The Spanish Virtue Chart Pack  includes the Path to Conversion chart, Happiness is Living a Virtuous Life pamphlet, Disciple of Christ Virtue Chart, and the Remain in Me chart. The Path to Conversion is an easy-to-read chart which lists the seven capital sins. It includes the manifestations of the sins and suggests virtues to cultivate in order to weed out sin and vice. This resource is tremendously helpful to priests, spiritual directors, counselors, parents, teachers, or anyone seeking to be a saint.

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