The meek are blessed because they have endured illness, injury, or witnessed others suffering and are able to express empathy, acceptance, and understanding. They are self-possessed and fully alive with the fruits of the spirit—peace, joy, and self-control 

I would like to highlight a saint who exemplified meekness in her life. Identifying herself as a “tiny soul,” St. Therese of Lisieux became one of the Church’s greatest saints by trying to make every little action an act of love. She excelled in her vocation to love, even in loving those who irritated her. In fact, if she had not written an autobiography the world may not have known about her personal struggles and annoyances.  

She was truly an ordinary girl who became extraordinary through the grace of God and her practice of love and virtue. She had confidence that God would make her a saint because, in her words,

“I don’t count of my merits because I have none, but I trust in Him who is Virtue and Holiness. God alone, content with my weak efforts, will raise me to Himself and make me a saint, clothing me in His infinite merits.” 

What perfect meekness! May we all learn to model ourselves after this great, tiny saint. 

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