The production of our online course, Cultivating the Virtues | God Gives the Growth, has been in development for the past eight months and will continue into 2021. We, the Dominican Sisters of Mary, wish to support as many schools, parishes, and families as possible in educating the next generation about the joy of living a virtuous life. Therefore, during the pandemic, we are pleased to offer this online course for FREE and have only asked for donations.

I asked the team of illustrators and videographers to select one video from each section and explain why it is their favorite (so far). Understandably, they had difficulty selecting only one as the content is rich and professionally done. I encourage you to enroll—even if you are an adult—and learn more on how to live virtuously as a disciple of Christ.

Each virtue unit, taught by a Sister, is divided into four distinct lessons with videos, worksheets, and activities.


In these lessons, children are introduced to a virtue and, most especially, learn how to cultivate it in their daily lives.

“I really enjoyed working on the Courtesy | Learn video. I think that it does a good job of reinforcing the point that we are all made in the image and likeness of God, and that we should treat others with that kind of love and respect.”
— Garret Fox


An animated story about the virtue will reinforce the lesson taught and show what it looks like and sounds like.

Prayerfulness | Live was such an enjoyable video to draw because it captured the sometimes frantic nature of getting everyone out the door in time for Mass, as well as the timely message of the importance of spending time with Jesus. I love that we were able to include a tribute to one of the Sister’s biological brothers who passed away—a great, inspirational young man, Cullen Lumbreezer—by drawing the priest in his likeness.”
— Sr. Emmanuel, O.P.


The saints are “the cloud of witnesses” who have gone before us and heroically lived out the virtues. Each “witness” lesson highlights a saint who exemplified the virtue.

“I loved the way the Circumspection | Witness video on St. John Baptiste de La Salle encourages students, through the life of a little-known saint, to “look around” them and discover all the various ways God is calling them to practice virtue.”
— Sr. Athanasius, O.P. 


A Sister will guide the child or students through a prayerful lectio divina — meditating on Scripture — and teach them how to integrate it into their daily lives. It is important to know and understand that the virtuous life is a response of grace — God Gives the Growth.

“My favorite would have to be the Affability | Pray  video because it gives an example of what affability looks like through the story of the Visitation. I think that really helps visualize the virtue beyond just a definition, and this is so important because affability is a virtue that’s not very well known or understood.”
— Ben Bratton

Please help us reach more “future saints” by sharing these videos with your family and friends. Together, we can raise up a generation of disciples of Christ who are living the virtuous life!

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