A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my mom’s passing and my response to living virtue and gift of fortitude.  

Grief is a fascinating companion or friend, as one of my Sisters named it. We can either greet it when it comes or shove it aside, but regardless it will come. So, the question remains – how do I respond?  

For me, a deeper understanding of Jesus present in the Eucharist has surfaced. When the ups and downs of life disrupt our spirit, God’s steadfast and unwavering presence remains. He first loved us (1 John 4:19) and showed us the true meaning of loyalty. As He promised, we have a place to go and be with Him. No matter what we “feel” like, He remains silently present, waiting for us to pour out our miseries, joys, and sorrows. Isn’t this what a loyal friend does for us? Listens and accept what we have to say without expectations or judgment?  

One final point, my mom had a most unusual Celebration of Life. She was a veteran of the country music industry and was instrumental in the careers of many artists, many of whom were lifelong friends. Her service began with Sisters from my community and the Nashville Dominicans singing the Salve Regina. The artists who participated carefully selected a song that collectively comforted us. Yet one has sustained me when the lack of words or feelings for prayer remains. Amy Grant sang “Better Than a Hallelujah,” which beautifully describes prayer. When you have a chance, listen carefully to the words as you, too, may find comfort and realize that God is truly our loyal friend. 

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