The theological virtue of faith enables us to know God and all He has revealed. Yes, God has made known all we are to know and believe. We can better grasp the mysteries revealed through prayer, grace, and study. At times, the divisiveness of our current culture can make it challenging to profess and witness to all that is contained in Scripture and tradition. This reality sheds light on the necessity of the Spirit’s gift of knowledge. For example, His gift enables us to study and believe fully in the dignity of the human person, made in God’s image and likeness. The Holy Spirit will guide us as we strive to bear witness to the unborn, to the truths about our very nature as male and female, and the list goes on. 

 The gift of knowledge aids us in speaking when something needs to be said, and in knowing when to refrain and when to push forward. These kinds of conversations can happen anywhere—at the dinner table, the grocery store, or in casual conversation with friends. May we all strive to speak with the end in mind: life everlasting. 

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