He came so that we might know God’s love. 

At one time, it was common to see a sign, “John 3:16,” pop up during sporting events—behind home plate or in the end zone. One wonders how many people google or look up this verse simply out of curiosity. Regardless, the truth of the verse is astounding if we really pause long enough to reflect. 

Jesus, the second Person of the Trinity, God’s only begotten Son, became man so we might know God’s love. On a human level, each of us is profoundly moved when a friend or spouse goes to great lengths to demonstrate their love for us. These moments of unconditional love give us a glimpse of God’s love for us. It is a pure gift, and our response is to simply accept it and believe we are truly loveable for  who  we are and not for what we do.  

Just read the Gospels from this perspective and see how Jesus interacts with people. Notice how He will heal or forgive, yet tell them to “sin no more” or “do not return to the village” (Mark 8:26). In this, too, He shows us His love, because sin prevents us from fully experiencing and knowing God’s love.  

Let’s hope the signs during sporting events don’t disappear from the landscape.  

Spot the Virtue 

Humility enables us to see ourselves as we truly are, with all our strengths and weaknesses. The word is derived from the Latin word humilis, which means “low.” Humility should not be misunderstood as thinking less of ourselves. It is an awareness that all one’s gifts come from God, and it should foster an awareness and an appreciation for the gifts of others. 

Name: Paul, thank you for recommending David to be the group leader of the project. 

Explain: You were able to recognize that David knew more about this period in history, which shows you possess the virtue of humility.

Express: It was wonderful to see that you were able to recognize the strength of another person. 

During this week, try to be attentive to those practicing this virtue. Spot this virtue in one person this week. 


Memorize John 3:16 so that the next time you see the sign, you will remember God’s love for you.  

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