“From the beginning, God desired a family. He destined us to be His adopted sons to the praise of His glorious grace.” – Echoing the Mystery, Unlocking the Deposit of Faith in Catechesis


In all visible creation, only man is created for friendship with God. In the Ruah Woods REVEALED series, there is an activity in the kindergarten workbook comparing a black bear paw to a child’s handprint. This profound yet simple lesson teaches children how they are different from animals. While we can easily understand the lesson’s logic, it has sadly lost its meaning in our current culture. No matter how hard we try to associate human characteristics with animals, animals are different than humans.

You and I are the only creatures created for friendship and union with God. We possess a body and soul as well as an intellect and will. As discussed last month, through Jesus’ Incarnation, God became man–He is both human and divine. His handprint would resemble yours, and yes, He too has fingerprints. Don’t allow your mind to complicate this obvious and simple truth. Instead, accept it with awe and wonder, for each of us is wonderfully made. Each of us is destined to live forever in God’s friendship. It is really up to us and how we choose to live and conduct our lives. Look at your handprint and praise God! 

P.S. While I have always had a fear of dogs, I can recognize how domesticated pets are wonderful companions. Here is the difference: we, as humans, are created for communion  with God, not to be companions with God. 

Spot the Virtue 

In a distracted society, meeting a sincere person is pure delight. Recently, I attended an auction gala for the local Catholic high school at the “Big House.” Seated next to me was a mom whose children attended the elementary school where I was principal. The atmosphere was loud and festive, and we tried our hardest to talk. At one point, she asked about my mom, and I told her that she had passed away. Immediately, I knew she was genuinely moved by this information and proceeded to listen very attentively while I shared my experience. Despite the noise, I know she heard me and was authentically moved. Simply put, sincere encounters with people stay with us. 

     Name: Peter, you told Tommy the truth about what he did that bothered you. 

     Explain: You practiced the virtue of sincerity, because it would have been easier to act like you were okay, which wouldn’t have been true to yourself. 

     Express: Thank you for not being your authentic self and expressing how you felt to your friend. 


In silence, spend time thinking about what makes you human. You are body and soul and possess an intellect and will. 


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