Moderation, a virtue related to temperance, aids us in maintaining a healthy and wholesome balance in our life. What is essential to keep in mind is that the things that are balanced are goods, and goods are necessary to live. We simply cannot do without these goods entirely, nor should we try to. We have innate desires and emotions that should be governed by right reason (prudence). What is challenging is that we experience pleasure in using these goods, and this can lead us to excess or defect. Moderation helps us to partake in essential and needed goods in the right way, for our overall well-being and holiness.

I encourage you daily to assess how you live this balance in your life, as it naturally impacts everything else you do. It is an especially great time to evaluate this balance during this season of Lent. Think of a few of the “goods” that you make use of–whether food, entertainment, activities, etc.–and ask yourself whether you are using each good too much, too little, or moderately–“just right.” 

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