Growth in Faith and in prayer are connected. — Echoing the Mystery 


The symbol for the theological virtue of faith is an eye. As our faith increases, our worldview is shaped by this perspective, and we “see” things differently. Prayer as communion strengthens our inner confidence that God, our loving Father, sees us and provides our daily bread. Just like any other relationship, this relationship takes time. It must be cultivated by communion (prayer) and believing (faith) in all God has revealed to us through His Son, Jesus Christ. Prayer nourished by slowly reading the Scriptures will increase our faith and draw us more intimately in communion with Love—the Trinity.  

Spot the Virtue 

Foresight means considering the consequences of your actions ahead of time. Why should we practice foresight? First, it is related to the virtue of prudence. Secondly, with the convenience of various formats of communication, it can be easy to not commit or RSVP for events. This can be difficult for those trying to make plans. Additionally, without planning, we have a tendency to procrastinate or not schedule time to focus on important tasks. 

If you live in a state like I do where it can be sunny in the morning and a blizzard in the afternoon, foresight is key! You need to make sure to check the weather before leaving in the morning. In sum, foresight impacts our daily lives. 

Spot the virtue in one person this week.   

Name: George, I noticed you brought your rain boots to school this morning. 

Explain: You knew the playground might be muddy since it rained last night. 

Express: It’s wonderful to see you practiced the virtue of foresight this morning when getting ready for school. 


Pray an Act of Faith 

O my God,  

 I firmly believe that You are one God in three divine Persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I believe that Your divine Son became man and died for our sins, and that He will come to judge the living and the dead. I believe these and all the truths which the holy Catholic Church teaches, because in revealing them You can neither deceive nor be deceived. 


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