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Tips For Taming the Tongue

In our teachings on modesty and respect, I discussed the importance of speech and emphasized... See More

Eutrapelia Modesty Reflection Virtue

It’s okay to have fun

This past weekend I attended a dinner and sat with the actor, David Henrie. He... See More

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Respectfully, Yours

Respect means speaking and acting according to our own and others’ rights, status, and circumstances.... See More

Modesty Reflection Virtue

Reclaim Modesty

“So by their fruits you will know them” — Matthew 7:20 In the Gospels, it... See More

Gratitude Patience Perseverance Reflection Virtue

Gratitude During Trials

The virtue of gratitude means “having a thankful disposition of the mind and heart.” Blessed... See More

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The Advent Virtues (featured in last week’s free download) aid us in preparing for the coming... See More

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I Need to Practice What I Teach

Last week, I was visiting my family and needed to take my mom to her... See More

Orderliness Reflection Virtue


We all know there are some things in life we cannot control­­—the weather, sunrise, sunset,... See More