Reflection Virtue

Abiding in Hope

Many people end up feeling lost and without purpose as they make their way through... See More

Courtesy Reflection


In our culture today, many people have forgotten the christian virtue of courtesy and chivalry... See More

Generosity Reflection Virtue


GROW IN VIRTUE “Man, who is the only creature on earth which God willed for... See More

Docility Prudence Reflection Virtue


GROW IN VIRTUE The word “obey” comes from the Latin oboedire meaning “to hear” and a willingness to listen.... See More

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Prayerfulness & ‘Lectio Divina’

As the long summer days grow shorter, we are aware that the season will soon... See More

Customer Feedback Reflection Virtue in the Classroom

Practical Ideas for Teaching Virtues

Asking our educators, “How do you use Education in Virtue?”​ we found some great ideas we are excited... See More

Industriousness Reflection Virtue

Are you ready for Fall?

Is your classroom ready for the fall? We know there is a lot of work... See More

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Everything in Moderation

Grow in Virtue:  There’s a common saying “virtue lies in the middle” meaning that a... See More

Featured Products Professional Development Reflection

Preface to ‘Echoing the Mystery’

“It was a seven mile walk to Emmaus“ (c.f. Lk 24:13). As the two men... See More