Catechesis Loyalty Prayer Virtue

Mary’s Perpetual Virginity

Mary remained a virgin before, during, and after the birth of her son.

Catechesis Prayer Temperance Virtue

Hail, Full of Grace

To prepare her for saying "yes" to His invitation, God made Mary full of grace.... See More

Catechesis Loyalty Prayer Virtue

Free Cooperation with God

From all eternity God wanted to enlist the free cooperation of a creature to bring... See More

Catechesis Magnificence Prayer Virtue

Sharing in the Paschal Mystery of Christ

Jesus calls each of us to be saved by sharing in His Paschal Mystery

Catechesis Gratitude Prayer Virtue

Peace Be With You

Jesus rose from the dead, bringing us to share in the life of the resurrection.

Catechesis Fortitude Prayer Virtue

The Joy of the Resurrection

By dying, Christ destroyed our death.

Catechesis Generosity Prayer Virtue

Jesus Enters Jerusalem

“God, in His plan of loving goodness, reconciled us to Himself through the blood of... See More

Catechesis Faith Foresight Prayer Virtue

To Grow in Faith

Growth in faith and in prayer are connected.

Catechesis hope Meekness Prayer Virtue

Anchored in Christ

Prayer roots us in communion so that our actions and words radiate forth from a... See More