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Catechesis Fortitude Virtue

Fortitude: Not just white-knuckling it!

Catechesis Fortitude Prayer Virtue

The Joy of the Resurrection

By dying, Christ destroyed our death.

Cardinal Virtue Fortitude Reflection Virtue

Bearing Difficulties

With Holy Week ending and the Easter Season beginning, it seems appropriate that the cardinal... See More

Fortitude Reflection Virtue

Fortitude and Fruit

When I read and pray with Scripture, I ask the Holy Spirit to give me... See More

Fortitude Patience Reflection Virtue


It seems ironic to start 2021 with the virtue of patience, as 2020 seemed to... See More

Fortitude Industriousness Reflection Virtue

Industriousness Challenge

...diligence, especially in work that leads to natural and supernatural maturity.

Cardinal Virtue Fortitude Reflection

Fortitude – Resilience with Faith

The New York Times has been running a series on resilience in troubled times, and out of... See More

Fortitude Justice Reflection The Holy Spirit Virtue

Enduring Difficulties with Fortitude

In the previous blog post, I discussed the Holy Spirit’s Gift of Piety—which strengthens the... See More