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Living in Relationship with God 

St. Catherine of Siena said, “All the way to Heaven is Heaven.” What we experience... See More

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Modesty and the 4S’s

Modesty regulates our need to attract attention and seek ways to promote ourselves, whether in... See More

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Imposters No More

A sincere person is truthful in words and actions. Even though the opportunities seem few,... See More

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Is the Trumpet for Yourself or Others?

“When you give alms, do not blow a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do... See More

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How to Build a Strong Foundation

Have you ever paused and realized, “Wow, I’m just focusing on the negative”? Or caught... See More

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I didn’t mean to but…

How many times have you said or thought, “I didn’t mean to, but…”? “But” is... See More