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Prayer Reflection School Spiritual Growth Teach Virtue

Christmas Prayer and Reflection Activities for Students

Guide your students to an encounter with the Christ Child this Advent season.

Gratitude Reflection Teach Virtue Virtue

The Fruit of Gratitude is Joy 

“Have you written a ‘thank you’ to your aunt for your birthday present?”  “Be sure... See More

Education School Teach Virtue

5 Ways to Root Your School in Virtue

Virtue is a way of life that supports a school's mission to educate the whole... See More

Reflection Teach Virtue Trustworthiness Virtue

Everyone Seeks a Trustworthy Person

Trustworthiness means being reliable. It can be easy to associate this with external actions as... See More

Learn Virtue Reflection Sincerity Teach Virtue Virtue

Imposters No More

A sincere person is truthful in words and actions. Even though the opportunities seem few,... See More

Education Magnanimity Reflection Teach Virtue

The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Me

How does one distinguish between magnanimity and ambition? They look the same from the outside,... See More

Courtesy Education Reflection Teach Virtue

Box of Chocolates

We all have childhood memories that especially stick with us; for my sister and me,... See More

Education Kindness Reflection Teach Virtue

The Power of Kindness

As we study the virtues and work to integrate them into our lives, we discover... See More

Education Foresight Reflection Teach Virtue Virtue in the Classroom

THE Calendar Date

Since the invention of keeping a calendar or tracking time, people have developed thousands of... See More