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Nurturing Leadership: Cultivating a Culture of Giving in Schools

School leaders know that many things are contagious, especially at this time of year. But... See More

Catechesis Generosity Prayer Virtue

Jesus Enters Jerusalem

“God, in His plan of loving goodness, reconciled us to Himself through the blood of... See More

Generosity Reflection Virtue

Give God Permission

A special grace in my life was knowing John Cardinal O’Connor and spending time listening... See More

Generosity Justice Reflection

“He got up and followed him”

One truth that is evident in the Gospels is that following Jesus leads to happiness... See More

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Am I Rich in What Matters to God? — Avarice (greed)

As we work our way through the seven capital sins, let’s examine the capital of... See More

Generosity Reflection Virtue


GROW IN VIRTUE “Man, who is the only creature on earth which God willed for... See More