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Catechesis Kindness Virtue

Kindness Campaign, Supernaturalized!

Catechesis Kindness Prayer Reflection Virtue

You were created for love

God’s plan for you is that you will enter into His Trinitarian life. This is... See More

Education Kindness Reflection Teach Virtue

The Power of Kindness

As we study the virtues and work to integrate them into our lives, we discover... See More

Kindness Reflection Rosary Virtue

Cultivating Kindness

Have you ever met someone who is kind? If so, I’m sure you would agree that... See More

Generosity Honesty Justice Kindness Loyalty Reflection Seven Capital Sins Virtue

Am I Rich in What Matters to God? — Avarice (greed)

As we work our way through the seven capital sins, let’s examine the capital of... See More