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The Best Catholic Student Planners For Your School 

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Catechesis Honesty Virtue

Battling for Honesty

Honesty is a virtue we desire to possess and expect others to uphold, but why... See More

Catechesis Moderation Virtue

Is This Something I Need Or Just Really Want?

The virtue of moderation enables us to find the balance between “want” and “need”. It... See More

Catechesis Gratitude Virtue

Why a Gratitude Journal Can Change Your Heart

Catechesis Self-control Virtue

Lenten Dopamine Fast

Catechesis Trustworthiness Virtue

Everybody wants to be trustworthy!

I don’t know anyone who would dislike being considered trustworthy. We all aspire to be reliable,... See More


Significantly Improve Your School Culture With This One Change

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Sincerity Virtue

Starting the New Year with Strengths

You may have noticed the Virtue Strength Survey on the Openlight Media website. If not,... See More