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Catechesis Perseverance Prayer Virtue

Beginning in Baptism

We only reach and participate in beatitude with God’s help.

Perseverance Reflection Virtue

I think I can. I think I can. I know I can.

“The Little Engine That Could” illustrates the virtue of perseverance. We can all imagine the... See More

Foresight Perseverance Prudence Prudence Reflection Virtue

Foresight & Perseverance

The wonderful truth about living a virtuous life is that when we grow in one... See More

Gratitude Perseverance Reflection

God so loved…

In his recent Urbi et Orbi address, Pope Francis offered a powerful message for the... See More

Gratitude Patience Perseverance Reflection Virtue

Gratitude During Trials

The virtue of gratitude means “having a thankful disposition of the mind and heart.” Blessed... See More