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Raised in Grace Made for Wholeness is a way of life or roadmap to aid educators, parents, and caregivers who are entrusted with the essential role of nurturing children through their developmental years. The resources will include a video series, materials and references to support the content and presentations.

Raised in Grace Made for Wholeness – The Beauty of Gradualness aims to give parents, educators, and caregivers what they need to provide the firm foundation to raise children in virtue and in holiness. In this study we have drawn upon the perennial philosophical wisdom and roots of our Catholic Christian faith to show how this synthesis corresponds fruitfully with the important research from the Decade of the Brain (1990-2000). Through the lens of our Catholic faith, these insights from neuroscience can be applied in helping us understand why the young mind needs to develop rightly and flourish fully.  For neuroscience helps us see the beauty of gradualness in human development and to recognize how God’s grace received at Baptism sustains us as we journey through life.  We refer to this as the ‘river of grace’—the sacred place of integration and wholeness toward secure attachment.

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