15th Tuesday

On the Glory which St. Dominic Enjoys in Heaven


“And a great portent appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” Rev. 12:1

With what joy would St. Dominic have first approached his Lady and Queen when he came to heaven. She who is crowned with the stars would have tenderly welcomed this newly crowned saint whose joy it was to preach her Rosary.

Soon after his death, miracles began to be attributed to the powerful intercession of St. Dominic. Yet it was not his sons and daughters who worked to further the glory of their founder! To our shame, Pope Gregory IX, a great friend of St. Dominic, was forced to reproach the friars for neglecting the cause of St. Dominic. Certainly, in our day, too, St. Dominic is often forgotten, but may it not be by his children! It is our duty to bring our Father, this oft-forgotten saint, to our world. In a world so hungry for truth, St. Dominic’s heavenly patronage is sorely needed. Let us not forget that St. Dominic’s glory in heaven is a participation in the glory of Our Lady, whom he faithfully preached on earth. If we are to bring St. Dominic to the world, we must also bring Mary, his Mother and ours, whose tenderness and example of love are so needed to heal the brokenness of our lives.

May we, as St. Dominic’s faithful children, bring our Holy Father to all who do not know him. Let us ask him to help us to preach truth in the world of relativism and to recall sinners to God’s love and mercy. Let us beg his prayers for our apostolic works and ask him to intercede with our heavenly Mother for her continued aid and protection as well. May we one day be united with St. Dominic under the mantle of Our Lady in heaven and rejoice to see her glory and the great glory of her Son, along with all the souls for whom we have prayed and labored throughout our lives.

Let us honor today the fifth glorious mystery of the Rosary, the Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth, and let us beg, by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and St. Dominic, the grace to follow in the footsteps of our Holy Father and to be united with him under Mary’s mantle in heaven.