Education in Virtue
Implementation Program

We’ll walk with you —
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The Education in Virtue Implementation Program

The Education in Virtue mission is to embody a way of life rather than just offer resources.
With so many wonderful resources to use, it can be a challenge to know what to use and how to use it properly.
That’s why there is the Education in Virtue Implementation Program.

We have made the process of implementation simple by narrowing it down to four steps. 

Step One: Purchase a School Starter Kit

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Step Two: Identify Staff

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Step Three: Train

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Step Four: Pray

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Step One: Purchase A School Starter Kit

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Step Two: Identify staff

Step Three: Train staff

Receive Onsite Training

  • Free onsite training for faculty and staff
  • Retreat 
  • Remote training for representative
  • Teacher mentor


Train a Representative

  • Planning: Developing a plan for faculty and staff training
  • Launch: Develop a plan to launch Education in Virtue
  • Unlocking Education in Virtue video series

Step Four: Pray

Let’s work together!