To learn how to redeem your Openlight Media Plus Membership you can:

1. Go to the Openlight Media Plus Product Page

You can access the Openlight Media Plus product by going to our store by clicking the Store button on the top menu: 

Then scroll down to the product labeled Openlight Media Plus and click on it: 

You can also skip this process by clicking the “Go to Product” button below: 

Go To Product

2. Click Sign up Now

Click Sign up Now Button

3. Apply your coupon

first click on the “Click here to enter a Coupon or Code Here” button.

Then Enter your coupon code in the box that appears and click “Apply Coupon”

4. Fill out required account information

Make sure to fill out all the fields with an * symbol

Make sure to fill out all the fields with an * symbol

Please Note:

A. If you already have a free account on Openlight Media click the “Click here to login” link on the top of the page and login first. The rest of the information will be filled out for you after logging in.
B. If you are signing someone else up for an account make sure you are NOT logged in. 

5. Click Sign Up/Place Order

Thats it! Now you have Openlight Media Plus!

Still having trouble? 

We have staff dedicated to help you get the help you need by walking you through it with you!
Simply set up an appointment by clicking “SCHEDULE A TOUR” below and we will go through it with you. 

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