Blessed Carlo Acutis Device Decals


Pack of 5 identical decals

Place your technology under the patronage of the new saint of the internet with our Blessed Carlo device decals!

  • Clear, vinyl decal features an image of Blessed Carlo from our online course Cultivating the Virtues: God Gives the Growth
  • Top of the sticker reads “Blessed Carlo is my IT guy”
  • Backing features directions for application and a QR code / web address with a video on Blessed Carlo’s life and more.
  • Carlo stands about 4″ tall.
  • Discounted to $6.25 per pack when you purchase 5 or more.

A Saint for Today

Blessed Carlo was born in 1991 and died in 2006.  He accomplished a lot in his short life, but he is best known for putting his enthusiasm for computer programming to work by creating an online exhibit of the Eucharistic Miracles to bring other to faith.  As a completely normal, yet truly holy, teenager, he balanced prayer, friendships, schoolwork, volunteering, sports, and video games.  He said, “Life is a gift because as long as we are on this planet, we can increase our level of charity. . . Every passing minute is a minute less that we have to be holy.”  What better example to give young people of a joyful and authentic holiness that leads others to Christ?

Details on our vinyl decal:

  • Decal is made for a single application.
  • Gloss laminated, high quality with good adhesive
  • Removes cleanly from flat, non-porous surfaces, including windows and appliances.
  • Not recommended for water bottles.

To apply, attach an edge of the decal and gradually transfer it to the desired surface, smoothing air bubbles toward the applying edge as you go.

The QR code on the decal backing takes you to this website: https://openlightmedia.com/blessed-carlo/

Weight0.1 lbs
Dimensions7 × 2.75 × 0.2 in


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