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An all-encompassing source for ‘echoing down’ the doctrines of the Faith, now in portable, ebook format!

  • Provides instant access to the keys to a clear, systematic and living understanding of each doctrine of the Faith
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  • Saturated with Scripture, the liturgy, and the Church’s beautiful treasure of the Sacred art and Music
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Echoing the Mystery

Echoing the Mystery is a catechetical resource specializing in sharing the doctrines of the Faith. After the culmination of many years of catechetical teaching and engaging all ages to share these truths, the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist joyfully present this beautiful master resource Echoing the Mystery. In a shared desire to compile and supply an all-encompassing source for ‘echoing’ the doctrines of the Faith, the Sisters have accomplished their long-held desire to transmit the catechetical teaching approach from reputable catechist, Barbara Morgan, finally presenting in one place, her decades-long teaching method of the keys to the doctrines.

“Were not our hearts burning [within us] while he spoke to us on the way and opened the scriptures to us?” Luke 24:32

Echoing the Mystery, Unlocking the Deposit of Faith in Catechesis, aims to open the mysteries God has revealed to us. Through His Son, Jesus Christ, He has communicated to us His loving plan of salvation. In order for these Truths to be echoed down, they must first be studied and contemplated. This publication makes them accessible to anyone desiring to evangelize and catechize.

The purpose of this manual is to help catechists analyze doctrine for catechesis— to identify the essential content of catechesis and to consider the various factors that will affect the arrangement of this material before they begin to plan their lessons.

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“It was a seven mile walk to Emmaus“ (c.f. Lk 24:13). As the two men journeyed from Jerusalem to Emmaus, they were accompanied by the Risen Christ. Even though they were present and could give a firsthand account of all that had taken place in Jerusalem , they did not recognize Jesus until the Eucharistic moment – “the breaking of the bread”.

The paradigm of the Emmaus journey reflects the Christian life but most especially the life of anyone who bears the title of “catechist.” It certainly manifests the seven-decade journey in the field of catechetics for Professor Barbara Morgan. Her desire to understand and echo down the marvelous works of God began at the age of fourteen when she assisted her catechist in instructing children on the local Native American reservation.  One could say this was the beginning of her contemplating the question that would be the theme of her life’s work – “What needs to be taught?” Or to put it differently…


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TitleEchoing the Mystery
ISBN: 978-1-7323200-1-7 
Cover: Soft Cover, Paperback
Size: 8 ½ X 11
Number of Pages: 696, full color
Authors:  Barbara Morgan and Sr. Athanasius Munroe, OP
Publisher:  Lumen Ecclesiae Press – A Division of Education in Virtue