My Rosary Workbook


Let your student’s build their own Rosary book! While you read aloud from “Let’s Pray Together” the student’s will fill out their own workbooks with a space to

  • Draw while listening to the corresponding Scripture
  • Write what they feel God is speaking to them about
  • Color in the related virtue
  • and write who they are dedicating this decade to.

You will receive an instruction sheet and the 43-Page PDF Rosary Workbook with unlimited printing!

 Suggested materials 


  • Print out booklets for each student in the class (we recommend two-sided!)
  • Read the Scripture passage and have the students listen. 
  • Display the image for the students to see. 
  • The students will draw a picture of what they see while imagining the scripture reading. 
  • The students will write what they hear God saying to them in prayer. 

Planning suggestions

  • Plan to teach and pray 5 mysteries per week or one per day
  • Plan to teach and pray 5 mysteries per month


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