And the Truth Shall Set You Free

Hosted by Sr. Joseph Andrew Bogdanowicz, O.P.

What does the path to discovering a possible religious vocation look like?  For many, a life of chastity, poverty, and obedience is a vocation that has not been modeled in modern-day America. But, you’re in for a surprise!  Join Sr. Joseph Andrew Bogdanowicz, O.P. as she dives into the beautiful and unique stories of Sisters who answered that call.  Get to know some of these beautiful, intelligent, and fun-loving Sisters as they share how living out their calling has enabled them to become the person God created them to be.

Taking you inside one of the fastest-growing Religious Orders of women in the world, And The Truth Shall Set You Free provides priceless information, for not only young women but, for young men discerning a possible religious life (and their parents as well).

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