We teach the Virtues and have added in Disciple of Christ reports to parents. They have made a positive impact on our school culture. Parents and kids alike really like them. Parents love the positive feedback. We discuss the virtue of the week at prayer each day, at weekly Mass, and in the classrooms each day. The virtues are becoming part of the students’ lexicon as well.

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All your resources are very user-friendly!

customer feedback / survey

Incredible program. Every child should have the blessing of this program & every adult. It is a win, win for everyone. Thank you, thank you for this amazing gift. Keep up the incredible & thorough work for the Kingdom of God! We are a homeschooling family. I actually taught the entire program to our daughter who just finished her senior year & is preparing for college. Perfect timing!!!!

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This (Lenten) journal helped me b a little calmer toward someone who made me angry. It also helped me to see the positive.

6th Grade Student / St. John School

I absolutely appreciate the “Life of Christ” and the “Disciple of Mercy” journals that Sister provided to us. They are a great way to study the bible and a peaceful way to start the day; they help me calmly prepare for the daily challenges ahead, and to ask God to face them with me.

8th Grade Student / K-8 Catholic School

It helps me to find a deeper meaning in Scripture, and the art helps me to visualize the passage that I am reading.

8th Grade Student

I bought the virtue cards family starter pack. I have looked long and hard for something simple, useful, and meaningful. Excellent product.

Catherine Z. / Home Schooler

“Dear Sister,
The Advent Journals were great ~ we just finished them and I think I will have my students keep them as a reference for the Virtue information in the beginning. I have to take a moment to tell you how enriched I feel the season of Advent becomes in my classroom because of the journals. It creates a great dialogue with the students.

8th Grade Teacher / Joliet, IL

“Education in Virtue gives my students the language they need to articulate behavior that they want to emulate. Now instead of hearing, “he was nice, or she was mean,” I’m hearing, “He was generous, she was kind.”

Kindergarten Teacher