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Presenters: Sr. John Dominic, O.P., and clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. Karen Villa, Ph.D.
Audience: Adults, Educators
Total Watch Time: 5+ hours | 12 videos | 27 min. each

Integrating neurobiology and Catholic teaching, this video series presents a roadmap to aid adults whose task it is to nurture children through their developmental years. Raised in Grace sheds light on human development from womb to age 25, and offers an integrated, faith-filled approach to growth and the beauty of gradualness.

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Raised in Grace: Made for Wholeness – The Beauty of Gradualness aims to give parents, educators, and caregivers what they need to provide the firm foundation to raise children in virtue and in holiness.

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Video Series Content

Raised In Grace video series includes 12 episodes.
As completed, episodes and resources will be posted.