Meet the Openlight Media Team

Sr. John Dominic, O.P.

Founder | CEO

Modesty, Loyalty, and Circumspection

Content Development and Communications

Sr. Athanasius, O.P.

Digital & Print Content Development and Design

 Trustworthiness, Honesty, and Responsibility.

Julie Valdes

Director of Marketing & Communications


Vicki Powers

Project Manager


Sr. Emmanual,O.P.

Content Development

Honesty, Gratitude, and Sincerity 

Sr. Mary Perpetua, O.P.

Content Development

Clemency, Loyalty, and Kindness

Sr. Mary Ignatius, O.P.

Content Development

Loyalty, Reverence, and Honesty 

Sr. Peter Thomas, O.P.


Studiousness, Trustworthiness, Responsibility

Sales and Customer Service

Sally Wagner

Director of Sales & Customer Service

Obedience, Affability and Loyalty


Caleb McPhail

Head of Fulfillment

Clemency, Self Control, Loyalty

Monica Pope

Master Catechist & Customer Relations

Gratitude, Reverence, and Courage 

Sr. Immaculata, O.P.

Customer Relations

Magnificence, Kindness, Circumspection

Design Team

Linda Kelly

Director of Design and Product Development

Loyalty, Trustworthiness and Foresight

Gail Nicklowitz

Marketing & Communications Designer

Obedience, Trustworthiness and Honesty

Hannah Mellino

Graphic Designer

Video Production Team

James Powers

Video Producer and Studio Manager

Studiousness, Clemency and Respect

Lee Klein

Production Director & Editor

Perseverance, Clemency, and Studiousness

Ben Bratton

Cinematographer & Editor

Patience, Circumspection, and Meekness

Joe Pelletier

Cinematographer & Motion Design Director

Studiousness, Loyalty, and Gratitude

Garret Fox

Sound Technician & Editor

Loyalty, Clemency, and Magnificence

IT & Software Development

Tim Wagner

Director of IT

Honesty, Courtesy, and Studiousness 

Joseph Harburg

Software & Web Development

Perseverance, Obedience, and Circumspection