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Looking to join your Educator Group or Institution?

Frequently Asked Questions

Any purchase of an Openlight Media Plus subscription requires the use of a credit card.
However, you will not be required to use a credit card if purchasing a School Starter Kit, Parish Starter Kit, or Home Starter Kit that all come with Openlight Media Plus subscriptions. In this situation, your subscription will expire one year from the date of purchase unless you manually purchase a monthly or yearly subscription using a credit card. There are no automatic renewals at this time for kit purchases.

When we completed your order for a School Starter Kit, you should have received an email confirming the order completion. This email contains your order number and a link to the page where you can activate your subscription!

In case you can’t find that email, you can use the order number, which was also provided in the initial order received email to confirm your order and activate your subscription by CLICKING HERE and filling out the form.

If you still can’t find your order number, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide that information for you!

Having users join a group is a simple 3 step process!
1. Tell the user who needs to join to navigate to https://openlightmedia.com/join-my-group
2. If individuals do not have a login on Openlight Media, they will be prompted to create a free account or log in using an existing user account.
3. Have them fill out the form and submit. 
Thats it! 

At this time we do not offer the ability to create or add other users to your group. Users must join their group manually themselves.  
If you don’t know how to tell your users to join a group please read the “How do users join my group?” question above. 

Users are no longer required to provide a coupon, special code, or need to checkout to join Openlight Media Plus group subscriptions if someone from that organization has purchased a subscription.
Simply go to the Join Your Group Page and fill out the form.

You will not be able to keep that extra time as at this time we do not have the ability to prorate subscriptions. If you purchase a new subscription, you will lose any remaining time you have left. We also do not recommend switching early because you will lose the original lower rate.

Your subscription starts the day you purchase. 

If you purchased a yearly subscription, your subscription will automatically renew one year from the date of purchase, unless you cancel beforehand.
If you purchase a monthly subscription, it will expire 30 days after the date of purchase if your renewal payment fails or you cancel.  

For Individual Subscriptions: You can view that information in the My Account section of the site
Click Here for that page if you are logged in and have purchased a subscription. 
For Group Subscriptions: Navigate to your organizations group subscription page by clicking on the My Membership button on the top of the page when logged in to an account that has joined a group subscription.

There are many parishes and schools with same name. Please ensure you put the full name and address in this format:
‘Name, Street Address, City, State, Postal Code’ before contacting us if you cannot find your institution.

If you have tried the above suggestion then please contact us at [email protected] with the name and contact info of your organization and we will be in touch to add your organization.

All stand alone subscriptions are set to auto renew and we do not offer a non renewing subscription at this time.

For Annual Educator Group and Institution level subscriptions we will send a renewal reminder email to you and the designated secondary email that is required upon purchase of that subscription.

If you have a currently active group subscription and are logged into the user account responsible for payments you can switch your subscriptions at any time for a prorated amount by going to https://openlightmedia.com/switch-subscription-plan/
If you run into any issues with the process above please contact us at [email protected]

Plus Benefits

-Applies to all plans.-

Exclusive video series

Unlimited access to our extensive
educational series


All downloadable content in the store and Idea Bank is free with subscription


MERCY Bulletin Board



Virtue Tree Access

View all “looks like” content,“sounds like”content, related,scripture verses,and more with every virtue


While logged in as an Openlight Media Plus member you can listen to this album on the site or download it for free!