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Disciple of Christ, Education in Virtue

Education in Virtue offers support as you learn, teach, and practice virtue. With time, you will begin to naturally incorporate the language of virtue within your daily life and grow as a disciple of Christ. Recent studies in interpersonal neurobiology and positive psychology support this way of life and show that an integrated way of life leads to the betterment of the human person. 

When you learn, live, and witness in virtue, it will overflow into every aspect of life—transforming you into the best version of yourself. Simply put, Education in Virtue is happiness simplified. 

Way of Living

Education in Virtue is more than just a program. It is a clear, organized way of living a good, meaningful life. A happy life. What is virtue? It simply means the habit of doing good. With resources for all ages, Education in Virtue has something for everyone.

Catholic Social Emotional Learning

Secular programs can’t address the spiritual dimension of social emotional learning.  WE CAN.

Disciple of Christ | Education in Virtue speaks to students as created in the image and likeness of God, body and soul. It provides authentically Catholic formation, giving students the tools they need to live an integrated social-emotional life in the light of grace

Who is it for?

A way of life all are called to follow

What Education in Virtue Provides

Education in Virtue provides resources helping you to achieve a life of virtue, fully alive in Christ!

How Education in Virtue Works

All Education in Virtue® materials are designed by teachers for teachers—practical, indestructible, simple, and easy-to-use. Assisting with new ideas and activities, they will guide your planning and help you integrate the language of virtue daily. Because learning virtue is a process and helps us live a happier life, we frame this education in three stages: Learn, Live, and Witness.

Stage Onelearn the language of virtue

Stage 1 – learn the language of virtue

Adults & Educators

Student Instruction

Cultivating the Virtues

Virtue Cards

Ways to Cultivate

Instructional Posters

Openlight Media Plus Subscription Plans

For Home Educators

Home Starter Kit

Cultivating the Virtues

Virtue Cards

Saint Cards

For Parish Educators

Parish Starter Kit

Journal Bundle

Virtue Chart Packs

Openlight Media Plus Subscription Plans

Stage Twolive joyfully as a disciple of Christ

Stage 1-live joyfully as a disciple of Christ

Stage Threewitness to conversion and happiness

Stage 3-witness to conversion and happiness

These resources will guide you through the witness stage.

Happiness is Pamphlet

Saints Calendar

Vice to Virtue Course

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Education in Virtue is very clear, concrete and actionable in its application to shape student and staff behavior. It’s richly rooted in Catholic teaching, while still being philosophically secular enough to implement in any scenario. Simply put, we see more and more ‘ah ha’ moments when discussing behavior. Magnanimity and humility rightly understood, for example, promote great conversation with kids.

Bill Koppes / Principal
Tina Sabga / 4th Grade Teacher
Tom Maloney / Superintendent

Why does Education in Virtue work? On a practical level, it gives a community a positive common vocabulary for describing human behavior. For example, when a student learns to take into account the effects of his/her decisions on others, and then learns to call that habit “circumspection,” he/she grows in the ability to control and direct those actions.

Lincoln Snyder / NCEA President

This program has TRANSFORMED our school! Our school is only in its fifth year and after just starting this fall, I am already seeing rapid growth. We are growing everyday with Education in Virtue as our guide. THANK YOU for creating this beautiful program. Many thanks!

Karissa / Elementary School Principal
Sharon Hayward / First Grade Teacher
Ethan / Student

“It’s a reminder to all of us about how we can live a virtuous life – kind, generous and patient with each other – as we never know where people are coming from or what kind of day they’ve had. It’s teaching that our world needs faith, hope and charity.”

Trudy Connolly / 2nd Grade Teacher

Over 28,000 students (based on planner sales alone) impacted by our materials this year and trusted by 850+ schools and 525+ parishes around the world