Interactive Virtue Tree

What are the Virtues?

What are the virtues of Christianity? A virtue is the habit of doing good, making it easy and delightful. A virtuous person is free! The Christian virtues give us freedom from being overpowered by temptations and our vices. Everyone is born with a capacity for virtue, but we need education and practice to attain the freedom, harmony, and balance of the virtuous, excellent human being. God gives us the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity. These virtues adapt our finite human faculties for participation in the divine life, to be in relationship with God. The theological virtues infuse and give life to the four Cardinal virtues. Lean more about the virtues with the interactive virtue tree.

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Thankful disposition of mind and heart


To render to God what we as creatures owe to Him. When animated by charity the virtue of religion manifests itself in five actions.


Assenting to rightful authority without hesitation or resistance


Bearing present difficulties calmly


Taking the steps necessary to carry out objectives in spite of difficulties


Seeking with confidence to do great things in God; literally "having a large soul"


Willingness to be taught


Consideration of the consequences of one's actions; thinking ahead


Attention to balance in one's life


Careful consideration of circumstances and consequences


Purity of heart in action, especially in regards to dress and speech


Enables one to reason and to act rightly in any given situation — “right reason in action”


Enables one to give to each, beginning with God, what is due him


Enables one to endure difficulties and pain for the sake of what is good


Enables one to be moderate in the pleasure and use of created goods

Gift of Piety

Inclines one as a child of God to have devotion and honor to God as Father

Gift of Fortitude

Moves one to endure difficulties for the sake of eternal life with God

Gift of Counsel

Enables one to respond fully to the direction and guidance from the Lord

Gift of Wisdom

Moves one to order one’s life according to God’s will

Gift of Knowledge

Guides one in knowing what to believe and how to share it with others

Gift of Understanding

Enables one to see more deeply into the mysteries of the faith and judge with certainty all created things


Enables one to know God and all that He has revealed


Enables one to desire God above all things and to trust Him for personal salvation


Enables one to love as God Himself loves, to love God above all things, and one’s neighbor as oneself