Parish Starter Kit


All the tools you need to unite your parish as a community of disciples, dedicated to following Christ.

This kit is packed with all resources your parish community needs to begin growing in virtue together, from resources that will help your priest seamlessly incorporate the virtues in his homily, to the Virtue Chart Pack in the hands of every family in the parish, so that they can learn the language of the virtues and how to live them. We have bundled everything you need in the ideal quantities and given you over $500 in savings on these amazing resources.

This starter kit includes:

  • 2 copies of Echoing the Mystery
  • 10 copies of An Educator’s Guide to Living a Virtuous Life, 2nd Edition for catechists
  • 90 Virtue Chart Packs (with the option of adding more at minimal cost)
  • 18 Life of Christ Lectio Divina Journals and pocket-sized Gospels
  • 1 Instructional Poster Set
  • 1 Virtue Card Set (large)
  • Saint Cards Volumes One and Two
  • 10 Openlight Plus annual subscriptions
  • FREE Training and Support! Find out more here.

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The Parish Starter Kit contains:

  • Echoing the Mystery (E-Book)
    For parish priest and DRE. This a catechetical resource specializing in sharing the doctrines of the Faith. It provides instant access to a clear, systematic, and living understanding of each doctrine of the Faith. It supports the catechist in preparing to teach any age group in any setting. Fully compatible with any series or set of standards.
  • The Life of Christ Lectio Divina Journal
    This journal was written to allow you to have an encounter with the Person of Jesus Christ. As you journey through the life of Christ by reading the selected scripture passages, you will meditate upon His word using Lectio Divina. This encounter with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, will develop your life of virtue into an interior habit, a way of life, which enables you to be more open to the Holy Spirit, allowing you to make your own personal commitment to living as a disciple of Christ.

    • 18 copies of the Life of Christ Lectio Divina Journal and pocket-sized Gospel & Acts Bible
  • Virtue Chart Pack
    For Parish staff, Catechists and families – get the whole parish using the common language of virtue. This pack includes:
    Disciple of Christ Virtues Chart – designed to guide educators, parents, and students in identifying virtues that need to be cultivated; Remain in Me Chart – an easy-to-use reference chart that gives educators and students an overview of all the virtues and gifts of the Holy Spirit; Happiness is Living a Virtuous Life – a pamphlet is designed to help you, the instructor, and your older students on your own personal paths of Discipleship in Christ; Path to conversion Chart – is designed with everyone in mind and is organized by each capital sin with examples for easy and quick reference. This resource will tremendously aid in teaching the virtues by enabling priests, teachers, parents, and students to quickly reference the capital sin and the appropriate virtues needed to overcome it. People are able to glance at this chart and quickly figure out which virtues they can work on confidentially without embarrassment.
  • An Educator’s Guide to Living a Virtuous Life, 2nd Edition
    For DRE’s and Catechists. The Educator’s Guide is a resource for understanding the importance of living a Christian life of virtue. It provides an overview of the doctrine of virtue and the rationale of the curriculum.
  • Instructional Poster
    Size: 18″x 24″ / 2-sided, one individual poster for each virtue. The front of the poster has images as well as a written definition for the students to gain an understanding of the virtue. The back of the poster contains several references that can be used by educators to instruct the students on the virtues.
  • Large Virtue Card Set
    Card Size: 6.5″ x 9″ (suggested for instructional use), Individual number of cards per virtue varies. Approximately 250 cards total. These cards are a valuable classroom management and assessment tool, and can be used to assist students in the practice of virtue. Color-coded cards feature an image that complements what the virtue “looks like” and “sounds like,” while the back of the card includes a prayer, saint picture, brief biography, and scripture passage.
  • Saint Cards – Volume I & II
    Card Size: 2.75″x 4.25″ / 2-sided, each volume contains one unique saint card per virtue, (140 cards total.) These small holy cards will help remind your students of a particular virtue they are trying to cultivate. Easy enough to carry in one’s pocket, these cards feature an image of the saint, a prayer to help acquire the virtue, the definition of that virtue, and a Scripture passage.
  • 10 Openlight Plus annual subscriptions, allowing your members to access Cultivating the Virtues: God Gives the Growth, the interactive Virtue Tree, and more!


Use the posters, virtue cards, and saint cards to create a parish virtue bulletin board. One virtue can be highlighted and the parish family can see and learn.


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