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Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day: A Catholic Both/And?

Perhaps a day of romance and a day of penance are not so opposing. Learn... See More

Prayer Reflection School

Rediscovering the Divine “Game” of Connection 

Babies' interactions with adults can be a beautiful reflection of the encounter we seek with... See More

Prayer Reflection School Spiritual Growth Teach Virtue

Christmas Prayer and Reflection Activities for Students

Guide your students to an encounter with the Christ Child this Advent season.

Gratitude Reflection Teach Virtue Virtue

The Fruit of Gratitude is Joy 

“Have you written a ‘thank you’ to your aunt for your birthday present?”  “Be sure... See More

Catechesis Prayer Reflection Virtue

Advent is here! – Why the Incarnation?

The season of Advent is an opportune time to reflect upon the reasons for the... See More

Catechesis Gratitude Prayer Reflection Virtue

What if we’re not ready for Heaven?

God, in His merciful love, gives us purgatory to purify us after death if we... See More

Catechesis Magnanimity Reflection Virtue

“What is Heaven like?” 

Every single one of us spends time wondering what heaven is like. We certainly experience... See More

Catechesis Prayer Reflection Virtue

Be Perfect: With God, It’s Not Impossible

"Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” – Matthew 5:48

Catechesis Prayer Reflection Virtue

The Trinity is at work!

Each person of the Holy Trinity works in creation and salvation history.