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Catechesis Prayer Reflection Virtue

Advent is here! – Why the Incarnation?

The season of Advent is an opportune time to reflect upon the reasons for the... See More

Catechesis Gratitude Prayer Reflection Virtue

What if we’re not ready for Heaven?

God, in His merciful love, gives us purgatory to purify us after death if we... See More

Catechesis Magnanimity Reflection Virtue

“What is Heaven like?” 

Every single one of us spends time wondering what heaven is like. We certainly experience... See More

Catechesis Prayer Reflection Virtue

Be Perfect: With God, It’s Not Impossible

"Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” – Matthew 5:48... See More

Catechesis Prayer Reflection Virtue

The Trinity is at work!

Each person of the Holy Trinity works in creation and salvation history.... See More

Catechesis Prayer Reflection Virtue

Does Christianity inwardly seize me

The Sacrament of Baptism marks our entrance into the inner life of the Trinity, and... See More

Catechesis Prayer Reflection Virtue

The Secrets to the Kingdom of Heaven

The Holy Trinity comes to us as self-emptying love in Jesus Christ. ... See More

Catechesis Kindness Prayer Reflection Virtue

You were created for love

God’s plan for you is that you will enter into His Trinitarian life. This is... See More

Catechesis Reflection

A Communion of Love

"He created us to share in this communion of love.” This truth reveals why each... See More