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Education Justice Reflection Virtue in the Classroom

View From the Cross

To live justly is to give to others, beginning with God, what is their due.... See More

Justice Reflection Sincerity Virtue

Sincerity Tips

  Not long ago, I spoke with Mr. Tom Monaghan, who told me that he... See More

Honesty Humility Justice Reflection Responsibility Temperance Virtue


“Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give you great responsibilities.” — MATTHEW... See More

Justice Reflection Respect Virtue Virtue in the Classroom

The Little Things Matter

Respect is a frequently used word, yet one wonders if its meaning has become lost.... See More

Justice Loyalty Reflection

Am I Loyal?

What type of bonds are implicit in relationships? A few which quickly come to mind... See More

Generosity Justice Reflection

“He got up and followed him”

One truth that is evident in the Gospels is that following Jesus leads to happiness... See More

Affability Justice Reflection


Do you know what personal characteristics will contribute to a happier experience of daily life? Affability... See More

Justice Reflection Virtue

Loving with Justice

The cardinal virtue of justice enables one to give to each, beginning with God, what... See More