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This Advent download is a two-for-one: an overview of the classroom Advent wreath and easy instructions on how to set up a classroom manger that will encourage students to focus on preparing to receive Jesus at Christmas.

With the progression of candles, lit from week to week, the Advent wreath is a powerful tool in teaching us to look forward to Christmas.  The download (available below) gives a brief explainer on the symbolism of the Advent wreath and some highly practical suggestions for using it in your classroom. If you want more information and prayers to say with it, Hallow has some excellent resources.

Preparing the manger of your hearts” is a favorite activity of our students. Over time, through this practice, students learn the excitement of welcoming Jesus into their hearts each Christmas and how to use Advent to prepare for His coming. They love preparing a cozy, warm place to welcome Baby Jesus and eagerly perform virtuous actions to add straw to the manger.

See the pdf download for full explanation and directions.


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