St. Tarcisius

Tarcisius was a boy in Rome when Christians had to meet secretly for Mass. One day, the pope needed someone to carry the Eucharist to another place. Tarcisius volunteered, saying that no one would suspect a boy. The pope finally agreed, and Tarcisius was overjoyed. As he walked, Tarcisius prayed to Jesus as he held Him in his hands. In a field he met some mean boys who began to taunt him, trying to pull his hands away, but his arms could not be moved. One of them said, “He must be a Christian,” and they began to beat and kick him. The boys ran off when a Christian soldier walked by. He carried Tarcisius to the pope; only then did his arms loosen so the pope could take the Eucharist. He faithfully defended the Eucharist with his life.

Early fourth century
Aug. 15

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