It All Began with Hot Chocolate | Sr. Simeon Marie, O.P.

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One of twelve children, Sr. Simeon Marie – a native of Maryland – was enticed to wake up in the morning to a cup of hot chocolate before going to Mass with her father at 6:30 a.m. Join Sr. Joseph Andrew as she listens to Sr. Simeon Marie’s beautiful story.

Sr. Simeon Marie, O.P.: I always prayed for a religious vocation, but to be honest, I really hoped it wasn’t my vocation because I just love my family and I was like, “I want to have a bunch of kids like my mom.” I remember the one time I vocalized it: I was having an argument with a cousin and I said, “You know you must listen to me because I’m gonna be a nun someday.” I think it surprised me and surprised him, but after that, I think just tried to [understand from] where [that came].

Sr. Joseph Andrew, O.P.: Did you know sisters growing up?

Sr. Simeon Marie, O.P.: Not really. Again, I think, we had a picture of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux and my mom would read us saint stories. So I knew what a Sister was and we watched some movies that had nuns in it, but I really I think that was my only only time I really saw Sisters.

Also, I remember I went to Rome my junior year [of College] and there was a bunch of other philosophy majors and we all asked this priest, “So how do we figure out our vocation? Like, what’s the formula?”

“You know,” he said, “if your prayer life is in order you will know. You don’t have to go through all this back and forth; God will let you know.”

Sr. Joseph Andrew, O.P.: God treated you in such a unique way and you read these graces and accepted these Grace’s in His perfect timing and, Sister again, with the joy and enthusiasm that you live your Religious Life, it’s just such a pleasure to have you on so that others can come to know one of my beautiful Sisters as well. So thank you so very much for being with us! God bless you all.