Funny Outtakes and Behind the Scenes from the Life of Christ

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Meet the team that put together the Life of Christ Lectio Divina Companion series, and enjoy some of the hilarious outtakes from filming.

Members of our team in order of appearance are:

Garret Fox: Audio Technician and editor of “Open the scriptures”

Seppe Kelly: Music Composer

Lee Klein: Cinematographer and VFX artist

Sr. Martin Thérèse: Transcripts and Distribution

Brendan Kelly: Editor of “Encounter Beauty”

Ben Bratton: Cinematographer and editor of “Live as a Disciple”

Life of Christ, Lectio Divina Journal Companion  is a video series that accompanies the journal to assist participants in the practice of lectio divina— the habit of prayerfully reading Scripture. 

The journal by itself retails for $21.95 here: