In January, across the nation, March for Life events continue as the protection of life moved to the state level. Thankfully, these events continue as young people gather for a common cause. However, here is a question: are we doing enough to instill a respect-for-life attitude?

The virtue of respect encompasses many aspects of life and can provide a lens for shaping this attitude. Ironically, the living of respect is generally manifested through one’s attitude. Let me list a few ways respect is shown to others through words and actions:

  • Tone of voice
  • Honor toward adults
  • Building community and refraining from unnecessary complaints or gossip
  • Posts on social media that uphold the dignity of the person
  • Speaking and attentively listening to friends and adults
  • Avoiding disparaging remarks

This list could continue, but all of these examples demonstrate how we can respect the dignity of others and ourselves. During January, try to be more respectful of everyone.

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