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Prayer Reflection School

Rediscovering the Divine “Game” of Connection 

Babies' interactions with adults can be a beautiful reflection of the encounter we seek with... See More

Prayer Reflection School Spiritual Growth Teach Virtue

Christmas Prayer and Reflection Activities for Students

Guide your students to an encounter with the Christ Child this Advent season.

Catechesis Charity (Love) Prayer Virtue

Mary, the Mother of All

Catechesis hope Prayer Virtue

Mary’s Assumption

Catechesis Loyalty Prayer Virtue

Mary’s Perpetual Virginity

Mary remained a virgin before, during, and after the birth of her son.

Catechesis Prayer Temperance Virtue

Hail, Full of Grace

To prepare her for saying "yes" to His invitation, God made Mary full of grace.... See More

Catechesis Loyalty Prayer Virtue

Free Cooperation with God

From all eternity God wanted to enlist the free cooperation of a creature to bring... See More

Catechesis Magnificence Prayer Virtue

Sharing in the Paschal Mystery of Christ

Jesus calls each of us to be saved by sharing in His Paschal Mystery

Catechesis Gratitude Prayer Virtue

Peace Be With You

Jesus rose from the dead, bringing us to share in the life of the resurrection.