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For my Class Virtue Recognition project, I make a single worksheet with every student’s name on it. Since I have 2nd graders, I also give them a sentence starter: “_________ shows the virtue of _________ by ___________.” I direct them to really think about the many different virtues they have seen their classmates practicing, and I have the students complete it without showing their classmates what they are writing. Then I compile their work by writing one page for each student.

I love this project because it makes the students notice virtue in their classmates, it shows me that my students understand the virtues we have learned, and it shows them the gratitude of their classmates!

You can download a form you can use with your students below. If you’d like to make your own, here are the directions I put on my form: 


Please write a sentence next to each person’s name telling how you have seen him or her practice virtue. Here is an example:

Sr. Maria Gemma (our principal) shows the virtue of courtesy by smiling and greeting me when she sees me.

Here is a list of virtues to use (or you can think of more): honesty, obedience, patience, kindness, prayerfulness, generosity, responsibility, self-control, orderliness, humility, affability, perseverance, courtesy, gratitude, respect



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