Besides the teachers, parents, and students, one of my greatest joys of being a Principal was intentionally creating a Catholic culture within the school building. I desired to communicate a message to everyone entering the space that our school was different and that a particular Catholic ethos was present.

One of my first purchases was a large hand-carved statue of Mary holding the Christ Child. Tightly circled around them are beautifully carved images of children from every ethnic background. I placed it in the front entrance of the school where it could be immediately visible to everyone. This statue represented the Catholic worldview and philosophy of the school—namely that the dignity of every person is central.

Over the years, little and big hands of both children and adults have touched this statue as they look into the faces of God’s children from around the world. This fundamental truth is what makes Catholic education essential for the formation of youth. We, as Catholic Christians, recognize and know that every human person matters and that our Lord and Savior shed His blood for everyone. May we hold this beautiful image in our minds and hearts as we work together educating the young about goodness and virtue.

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