I don’t know anyone who would dislike being considered trustworthy. We all aspire to be reliable, to be a person other people will call trustworthy. 

In the Gospels, Jesus teaches us the pathway to cultivating this virtue. It begins by being faithful and attentive to the small things, the details. Once the small matters are accomplished, one is entrusted with even more significant responsibilities. 

If we pause and reflect upon the importance of this virtue, we see that it is foundational to every aspect of our lives, work, relationships, strength of character, etc. And while we may be entrusted with more significant responsibilities, the attention to detail always continues. We should be more vigilant in minor matters because negligence chips away at our character and makes us vulnerable. Jesus warned about the spirits coming back seven times stronger. 

This week, self-check and reflect upon this virtue in your life. Are you reliable and trustworthy at home, at work, and in your relationships? Do you pay attention to the details? Do others have confidence in you? 

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