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Catechesis Temperance Virtue

A joyful teenage boy saint…and it’s NOT Blessed Carlo!

Catechesis Loyalty Virtue

A Blessed Feast of St. Catherine of Sienna

Catechesis Magnificence Virtue

Doing great things for the kingdom!

Catechesis Fortitude Virtue

Fortitude: Not just white-knuckling it!

Catechesis Prayerfulness Virtue

All the Way to Heaven is Heaven

At the end of April, we celebrate the feast of St. Catherine of Siena. One... See More

Catechesis Foresight Virtue

Why a Personal Encounter Makes a Difference

Humility Reflection

Easter Reflection: Will You Let Him Resurrect You?

Mary Magdalene allowed Jesus to lift her out of her shame, to obliterate any remnant... See More

Meekness Reflection Saints Virtue

St. Joseph – The Man of Impeccable Meekness

Contemplating the life of St. Joseph, God invites us to meditate on the role that... See More