Are you starting to see a pattern with the weekly virtues? Last week, we focused on perseverance; this week, we will focus on moderation. To be honest, I’m feeling like my own life coach this Lent!   

The ancient practice of asceticism regarding moderation comes to mind: a practice of asking oneself to distinguish between a want and a need. Do I want the largest piece of chicken on a platter? Yes, but do I need it when the Sister next to me may be hungrier? Do I want to find out all the details about a situation? Yes, but do I really need to know all the details? Do I really need to share everything I may know?  

The virtue of moderation enables us to find the balance between “want” and “need”. It assists us in growing in self-knowledge to be more aware of ourselves. But I would also add that it enables us to be more aware of how we interact with other people. For example, do I tend to talk too much and not recognize that the other person has lost interest? Am I able to listen to body language or to another person talking? As you can see, moderation truly touches many aspects of our daily lives. May we spend these days striving to find balance in our own lives, which will lead to a healthier lifestyle and healthier relationships. 

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