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Catechesis Prayer Self-control Virtue

Beauty in Relationship

We progress toward the beatitude of heaven by means of our daily actions.

Catechesis Prayer Prayerfulness Virtue

All the Way to Heaven is Heaven

The beatitude of heaven is the fulfillment of all our longings for happiness. —Echoing the... See More

Catechesis Prayer Virtue

Daily Blessings

In love, God blessed us with every spiritual blessing in order to enable us to... See More

Catechesis Prayer Virtue

The Fullness of Friendship

We must treat all people with respect because God made them for friendship with Himself.

Catechesis Modesty Prayer

The Source of Your Dignity

The incarnation fully reveals the dignity of the human person and raises it to a... See More

Catechesis Prayer Virtue

Made for Communion with God

As a unity of body and soul, our whole nature is made for communion with... See More

Catechesis Prayer Virtue

The Handprint of God

In all visible creation, only man is created for friendship with God.

Catechesis Prayer Virtue

Destined to be Supernatural

There is something within each of us that is attracted to “things” that are above... See More

Catechesis Prayer Virtue

Jesus, Our Model of Holiness

Jesus came to be our model for this life, a model of holiness.