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Education in Virtue focuses on the positive. While on one hand, it does give language to use with the students about how they need to grow, on the other hand, it also gives a vocabulary for recognizing and celebrating what is best about them: the ways in which they practice virtue. We’ve designed a variety of tools to help you highlight the positive, creating a culture in your classroom geared toward the happiness and growth of the students.

Below, you can find the following downloads that will help you get started:

  • Discipleship Badges: a virtue-based take on “brag tags” which allow students to collect, remember, and display the recognition they’ve received.
  • Christian Witness Certificates: Beautiful, printable certificates for each virtue with space to write in the way a student practiced that virtue. A great way of recognizing the student and communicating with parents.
  • Caught Practicing Virtue Bookmarks: A tool for helping students to recognize virtue in their peers.
  • Caught Practicing Virtue Cards: Give students a forum for expressing the good they see in their peers! These cards can be posted in a designated area in the classroom to allow the whole class to build a culture of celebrating the good.

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