We all know there are some things in life we cannot control­­—the weather, sunrise, sunset, and nature’s cycles. There are also some things we do without even realizing it—breathing, blinking our eyes, and swallowing. Yet, from nature to biology, every action has a purpose and an order.

The virtue of orderliness enables us to bring order into our lives. Jesus told us that a good tree bears good fruit (Mt. 7:18). This same truth applies to orderliness. How we order our exterior life can also reflect our interior life. For example, a daily routine and uncluttered life provide inner calmness and harmony.  So, for this week, let’s take this virtue challenge:

Just this week—tackle one area of your life that needs more order.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Does your daily routine include time for prayer?
  • Is there a drawer or closet that needs order?
  • Do you make your bed each day?
  • Is the inside of your car cluttered or dirty?
  • How many files do you have on your desktop?

For me, I am clearing out over 20,000 emails in my inbox.

It may seem strange, but having order in our lives will lead us to holiness. For some people, as they order their interior lives, the environment they live in slowly becomes more organized as well. Likewise, trying to order our exterior lives first will make it much easier to adjust whatever interior mess we may have. I pray we all find the perfect way to order our lives toward the Lord.

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